Hello Friends!

    It is the beginning of Spring and the end of the school year so a lot of change is going on in our lives. Students will be studying for their finals, making plans for the summer, and many of our students are preparing to transfer to various Universities. If you would pray that this summer would be one of rest and focus for them. That the staff and students who are experiencing change would feel the peace of Jesus and filter all their upcoming decisions through His lens.

    Below is a photo of our corefa team this year. It is full of student leaders who have earnest hearts for God and have spent this entire school year the making time to share Jesus and friendship with their peers. It has been an incredible experience seeing so many young people really care about the truth and others around them. They have set an awesome example of what it can look like to give up your life daily for the sake of others.

    Something really special about this team is the diversity of strengths, personalities, and backgrounds we all came into this year with- even when we are so different in what we bring to the table, we are one body in how we love Jesus, each other, and others. It has been such an honor to work with people as genuine and joyful as them.

    On the left is a photo of a sweet friend of mine who I met when she joined my core group. She and I meet up biweekly and encourage each other, share about our lives, and laugh a ton. Her friendship has been a blessing from God this year as I have navigated this new role and new city (so I thought I might share some of my gratitude toward her with you all). I hope you each have communities that support and encourage you just like she has with me this year.

    And on the right you will see a photo of my fellow apprentices and one of our teachers Ronnie Worsham. We get to spend a few hours with him weekly and hear his heart for ministry and for the Lord. One of the things we talked about in class was how Jesus' first miracle tells us something about his character. At a small country wedding, Jesus turns water into really good wine as an act to help celebrate his friend's marriage. God is a generous and celebratory person! He loves to give good gifts. He has been the best host to us on this beautiful earth, He makes fresh wind and blue seas and rich soil and even good wine. The follow up question we were left with was "Are you 'good wine' to the people around you?" Are you a good image of our loving, celebratory Father? I have been challenged this whole week as I reflect on this in my daily dealings with people. It has made me think that- if you will forgive my poetic phrasing- I hope to be good food, a warm chair, a brisk morning walk, and a belly full a laughter to those around me. I know you have all been images of God's generosity toward me so I want to say thank you for your heart, your prayers, and your example. May God bless you richly!

Thank you all for being on my ministry team this year!


with much love and gratitude, Katherine Daggett


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